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Humans are creatures of habits. That's actually a good thing. Because as exciting and exciting new impressions may be: rituals and normal everyday life are incredibly important to give your head a break from time to time. And no other part of our day is so characterized by rituals and habits as the morning.

40% of all Britons drink coffee in the morning with the intention of waking up. Many of them cannot tolerate coffee that contains caffeine. It hits the stomach heavily and thus affects the course of the day. But there are, of course, in addition to the decaffeinated coffee from WITHOUT, many other ways to wake up in the morning - completely without caffeine.


Many foods have ingredients that make your day a lot easier. Have you tried dark chocolate before ? Yes, there is caffeine in chocolate too. However, only in very small quantities. And the theobromine, which is also contained, also stimulates the central nervous system of us humans and thus increases our heart rate. However, due to the high calorie density, this method may only be for the weekend.

Walnuts , for example, are also suitable as a regular, healthy part of your morning routine The unique combination of valuable trace elements and minerals form a kind of super fuel for our brain. Nerve impulses can be transmitted more quickly than usual. The result is a greater ability to concentrate and think.

In the morning, and throughout the day, the good old chewing gum is also a way to wake up. The constant activity of the masseter muscles increases the blood flow to the brain - so we can clear our heads faster.


If you don't like to eat something in the morning (which is not good), there are also many decaffeinated alternatives to coffee that will make your day easier to start.

The first thing to be mentioned here is the classic: water . Sounds boring, but it's extremely effective. A large glass of water right after getting up compensates for the nocturnal fluid loss and acts as a kick starter for the entire body. Professionals upgrade the water to a lemon water . The potassium and magnesium contained in lemon support the brain and nervous system. In addition, the nervous system is calmed and mood swings are combated.

If you prefer it hot, the whole thing can of course also be enjoyed as a hot lemon . The second hot drink that we would like to recommend to you is the low-acid ginger tea . It invigorates the whole organism and really gets the circulation going. On the other hand, it calms the gastrointestinal tract at the same time. Something that caffeinated coffee with a lot of acid won't do. A tea with fresh ginger is the perfect healthy energy kick in the morning. 


You don't really need us to know that exercising in the morning is a good idea. It doesn't always have to be the big round in the park in the dark. A small 15-minute home workout or a short yoga session next to the bed can also work wonders. If you want to combine your good conscience with something useful, you can just take a short walk to the bakery around the corner. Makes you wake up and do you good!


Everyone loves a nice warm shower in the morning. But it tempts you to go back to bed instead of starting the day cheerfully. Try the other way around! The water of a cold shower shocks the organism and automatically forces you to breathe deeper. In this way, the body absorbs more oxygen and increases the heart rate. The result is a greatly improved blood flow to all organs. The day can start now, right?

The use of daylight lamps has also increased significantly in recent years . In winter, in particular, the lack of sunlight is a problem for many - the result is a lack of serotonin. If you look into the lamp for a good half an hour every morning (the stronger the lamp shines, the less time before the light we recommend), our body produces precisely that serotonin. We get fitter.

All of the tips we have given have grown from our personal experience. These can also be combined with one another. And if you don't want to go without your coffee in the morning, we recommend our Decaf Espresso.

Now we want to hear from you! What are your tricks to start the day really well in the morning? Write us in the comments here or send us a message to hello@8pmcoffee.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!

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